How It Works

The Simplicity of FriPura

The way our purifiers work is refreshingly simple. There is no one-time set-up, no expensive hardware, and no complicated rules.

Meet the FriPura purifier.

Yes, that’s it. 

It looks and feels like a ceramic block, just a little larger than an iPhone.

This simple item contains all the good stuff needed to extend the life of your frying oil.

Handle it with care.

It comes in a wrapper to keep it safe. Don’t open until you’re ready to use it.

The block isn’t terribly fragile – but once out of the wrapper, be sure not to expose it to water or steam.

Just pop it into the cloth bag provided.

This is where it lives.

Once in its bag, it then goes snuggly into this metal casing.

You simply place this at the bottom of your fryer before adding fresh oil.

That’s all.

When the oil is done, so is the purifier.

The End.

(Sorry if you were expecting more.)