Your Investment In FriPura

Adding FriPura to your kitchen can have a significant impact on your bottom line. But we don’t believe that should come at the price of unwieldy capital costs or high ongoing expenses. That is why we strive on keeping FriPura affordable for all.

However, every kitchen operation is a bit different. The number of fryers, their oil capacity, the oil used and other factors mean that every business will have different requirements. This is why we work individually with each customer to ensure they maximise their savings.

What are the commitments?

There are none!

You don’t need to pay any up-front capital costs, or need to make any adjustments to your kitchen hardware.

We also don’t require a contract or minimum term when you buy from us.

You’ll realise savings from the very first month of using FriPura.

How much will I really save?

We have found that our customers, on average, enjoy savings of around one-third of their current oil costs.

Because FriPura extends the life of the oil so significantly, is inexpensive and requires no initial capital investment or commitment – you will still get to keep the majority of the money saved, even after accounting for the cost of FriPura.

See below for more information.

How is FriPura so affordable?

Due to the simple way in which FriPura works, there are no initial capital costs.

Plus, because the FriPura purifier is a consumable, we are able to keep production costs to a minimum.

We believe in helping businesses like yours save money.  We don’t believe you should jump through hoops or pay through the nose to achieve that.

Your Potential Savings

On average, our customers double the life of their oil, and with the cost of FriPura factored in, save around one-third of their previous oil costs.

If you want to see in dollars, how much your oil costs might be over the course of a year, and how much you might save with FriPura, try our savings calculator.

Ready to talk?

If you need more information – or you’re just ready to place an order – we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch today and we’ll get you up and running (and saving!) in no time.