The Science

Third-Party Lab Studies on FriPura​

When developing our product, we engaged with reputable third-parties to conduct scientific studies. These studies helped to demonstrate that the FriPura product was able to achieve the results we wanted.

These reports are linked here for your reference in their original un-edited format.

Campden BRI: Chemical Profiling Report

The chemical profiling report compares the oil and food after frying with and without the FriPura purifier.

It concludes that several harmful toxins found in frying oil are actually reduced when using FriPura purifiers.

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Bibra Toxicology Advice & Consulting: Health Risk Assessment

This report was commissioned in order to ensure that the use of FriPura posed no additional health risks to the food cooked in treated fryers.

Specifically it assessed whether any part of the purifier block could leach into the fryer oil and therefore into the food.