Get The Most From FriPura

This collection of helpful downloads and documents have been collated to help those considering FriPura, and our existing customers.

From training aids to case studies, take a look through and learn more about FriPura.

FriPura Instruction Sheet - Printable PDF

There are only six very simple steps to using FriPura. Use this handy printable instruction sheet to educate and remind your staff. 

You might also like to include this in your training materials or post a laminated copy in the kitchen.

Case Study: Greene King Restaurant, Bury St Edmunds, UK

This trial was run at the Greene King Restaurant to determine how FriPura could reduce the consumption of their oil.  

They found they reduced the amount of top-up oil required, and realised savings of 55% of oil each day.

Case Study: Village Hotel Club, Wirral, UK

The Village Hotel Club ran trials to measure the effects of using FriPura purifiers.

They were able to more than double the life of their oil, using 5 litres per day without FriPura, and 1.81 litres per day when FriPura was used.